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Rubber training weapons

Our range of weapons by destination essentially consists of a rubber ax or hatchet.

Rubber training hatchet

Stunning realism

Our training ax or hatchet model is a real copy of what is sold commercially.

Nevertheless, its santoprene-based coating is rigid enough for all types of manipulations.

However, our rubber hatchet is flexible enough to maintain possibility maximum of safety.

Flawless handling

Our training hatchet feels the same in the hand as a real axe.

First, it has a weight and distribution of masses almost identical to an original axe.

Then, its handle has an ergonomic curve worthy of the big professional brands.

Unique Features

Our training hatchet simulates the handling of a real axe.

Unbreakable in nature, it allows you to train with it while maintaining a certain level of safety.

It is primarily intended for self-defense or security training.

Free the colors

Our training hatchet can come in a variety of colors.

An availability of almost infinite colors is possible on order.

You can then customize your axe to make it unique.