Supplier of rubber training equipment and weapons

The Fight Equipment brand is a manufacturer of training weapons for professionals

A wide range of products

FE-1 Revolver d'entrainement caoutchouc type S&W noir Pistolet d'entrainement caoutchouc type G17 noir Couteau d'entrainement militaire en caoutchouc noir Couteau d'entrainement en caoutchouc noir VOIR NOS PRODUITS Nos armes d'entrainement sont destinées à la pratique

de la self-défense et des formations de sécurité
RÉALISTE / PROFESSIONNEL / INCASSABLE Hachette d'entrainement en caoutchouc noir

Our training knives

Civilian knife model

Our civilian knife model is very realistic.
With a modern design, it has a 12cm blade.

This training knife corresponds to the standard attack knives used in many attacks.
It is available as standard with 2 levels of hardness: soft or hard.

Military knife model

Our military knife model is also very realistic.
It corresponds to the standard of knives used by many armies around the world (USA, France, U-K, Israel, etc.)

This knife has a 16.5cm blade and an ergonomic handle.
It is also available as standard with 2 levels of hardness: soft or hard.

Our handguns

The pistol

Our training pistol model is an exact replica of the famous Glock 17.

Very popular with security services, it is also the best-selling pistol in the world.
This rubber weapon is ideal for training and simulations.

The revolver

Our training revolver model comes from the famous Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum caliber.

It has a 3.5 inch barrel and an ergonomic grip

Our other weapons

The hatchet

Our hatchet model, due to its weight and ergonomics, is as close as possible to reality.

Supplier of training weapons for sports clubs


The Fight Equipement brand makes it possible to equip all sports associations with training materials.